Istanbul Sehir University was founded in 2008, by the Foundation of Arts and Sciences. First undergraduate students were admitted in 2010. Graduate studies in Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) started in 2010 as well, with the admission of graduate students to M.A. Programs in Cultural Studies, History and Modern Turkish Studies. In 2011, M.A. Program in Sociology, in 2012 M.A. Program in Political Science and International Relations and LL.M. Programs in Private Law and Public Law has been opened up. First PhD. students were admitted to PhD. Program in History, in 2013. PhD. Programs in Private Law and Public Law has admitted their first students in 2014. As of 2016, 3 new programs, M.A. Programs in Clinical Psychology, in Cinema and Television and in Urban Studies has been opened. In 2017, M.A. in Islamic Studies started to accept students.
Currently, GSHSS offers 11 Master's Degrees and 3 PhD. Degrees.
Cultural Studies, M.A.
Modern Turkish Studies, M.A. 
Political Science and International Relations, M.A. (thesis/non-thesis options)
Sociology, M.A.
History, M.A.,
Public Law, LL.M. (thesis/non-thesis options) *
Private Law, LL.M. (thesis/non-thesis options) *
Cinema and Television, M.A. (thesis/non-thesis options) *
Clinical Psychology, M.A. (thesis/non-thesis options) *
Urban Studies, M.A. (thesis/non-thesis options) *
Islamic Studies, M.A. **
History, PhD.
Public Law, PhD. *
Private Law, PhD. *
* Medium of instruction is Turkish.
** Medium of instruction is mainly Turkish and 30% Arabic.
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